5th - 8th September, 2024

41 spots

Sunkissed Affairs

A LARP designed and created by
Mads Havshøj and Bjørn-Morten Gundersen

Supported by
Elysion - en rollespilsforening i Aarhus

The story is set in the late-1920s Denmark, at a sea side resort, where people from all classes gather.

In these turbulent times, time seems to have slowed down at the sea side resort, and people come from near and far to get a break. They use this summer mainly to get their affairs in order, but they also dare to dream, to hope and some of them dare to gamble with fate.

They try to get some peace of mind, but tensions will rise, lovers and ghosts of the past will haunt them, friendships be tested, family-secrets be revealed, and for the couples perhaps love might find a way or it shall wither forever.

"Sunkissed Affairs" will be an immersive LARP revolving around the stories of ordinary lives, their ambitions and dreams, their disappointments and downfall.

Summer will leave people sun-kissed, and it will bring success or failures, love or hate, unity or loneliness.

This is Sunkissed Affairs, and we wish you were here!

Categories of Characters:

- Guest of the Hotel

- Staff or Local

Personal drama, nordic larp, 360-experience, late 1920s Denmark, 18+.

Commitment, conviction, obligations, disappointment, broken promises, harassment, politics, sexuality, hope, joy, love, despair, summer fling, true love.

Badehotel Klitgaarden, Porsevej 19, 6854 Henne

Age restriction:

You must be 18 at the start of the LARP.

We do not want to judge if this LARP can accomodate your needs or not, so we will give as much information as we can, and let you decide.
If you need more information than we have already given, send us an email. We want you there and if questions are the only thing stopping you from signing up, ask them.

The location has good room-acoustics and the ceiling has soundpanels to reduce the volume in crowded areas.
The walls are relatively thin, so you will be able to hear a very loud snorer through the walls.
You will be able to hear people walk around on the second floor.

It is an established hotel, therefore bedlinen are cleaned allergy-friendly and will be provided.
The location will not be cleaned during the LARP, unless a character does it.
The rooms and location will be vented and the air circulated.

There are stairs, no elavators, tiny hallways, uneven ground outside and the LARP will have trips to the sandy dunes.
On the second floor the main-room for socializing is located.
On the first floor is the dining room and a small room for socializing.

There are rooms for sleeping on both floors. 

The temperature outside in Denmark is usually 13 degrees celcius in September. Bring a coat.


The Social Rules - ingame

This is NOT reenactment, but loosely based upon the world of late 1920s.
This means when signing up, you need to accept the presence, ingame, of some views and ideas that crucially differ from modern days and will be offensive to some.

1. Genders
The larp will portray a narrative where there are only two genders; man and woman.
The men will be the visible ruler of a family.

In the sign-up you can choose whether you want to play a man or a woman, and your offgame gender does not dictate what you have to choose.

2. Homosexuality
The larp will portray a narrative where homosexuality is frowned upon - but if the queer side of a character is revealed, it will NOT exclude the character from the main-narritive.
There will be scenes of visible discrimination, but can be controlled by the discriminated through mechanics.
In the sign-up you can opt-in or out of playing a queer narrative.
Queer stories will be present at the larp regardless of your choice of playing one.

3. Racism

The larp will portray a world where a person is not defined by the colour of their skin. Racism will NOT be a part of this larp, in- or offgame.

If you have questions, write us an email.


Sign-up closed 27th of October.

Participants have been sorted through lottery and a flagging-process.

Thanks for the overwhelming interest in this larp.

We are humbled.

Keep yourself informed per email.
Sometimes an email ends in the spam-folder, be vigilant.


To all helping; thanks for making the dream come true.

The Practical Team

This amazing team will handle the practicalities and making sure the practicalities of the larp runs smoothly

You will experience that they have ingame-characters, to not break the illusion, and this will be explained further during the briefing.

We are thrilled to have such amazing help; thank you.



There will be trips to the dunes and sea. It will likely be very windy, and there will be loose footing and a lot of sand.
We are hoping for a hot summer.

If you want this experience, you have to be able to walk in rough terrain.


Every family or party eats by their own table, but the food will be served for everyone at once - except breakfast.
We will encourage people to use indoor-voices.

This is where the acoustics will prove difficult, and you can expect these scenes to be the most loud. 


To further the feeling of a summer holiday, it is encouraged to create games and fun to participate in. Perhaps:

- Petanque
- Game of croquet
- Bridge
- Poker
- Painting
- Hide-and-seek in the dunes


Could be you are visiting for the first time this year, or you are a returning guest. Either way you have heard wonders about this hotel, and it will be much needed to enjoy a holiday at the seaside.

This game-experience can involve personal ambitions, hierarchy and social status, making the best of a bad trade. Yet for every guest at the Hotel the story will revolve around getting your affairs in order.


This category will give you an experience of belonging to the Hotel. Your character is a crucial help with daily matters, and/or the Hotel's ambitions.

This is for the player who wants to experience personal ambitions, close relations, fighting for the prestige of the Hotel, spreading gossip, secrecy and trying to get the help of the guests, or maybe help them?

What did I just read?

Nordic Larp
Set in 1920s Denmark at a sea side resort

41 spots

5th - 8th september 2024
Badehotel Klitgaarden, Denmark

Sign-up is closed
Thanks for the interest.



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